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The Gunk

 Week of 20 December 2021 There is something to be said for short. Developer Techland got in some fuss this week when it was said that the game had “at least 500 hours” to fully complete Dying Light 2. I have a job. I have children. I even have other interests. 500 hours isn’t going to happen. The Gunk is short. It’s five hours from start to finish. And I enjoyed it. I don’t think it needs to be anything longer. I get the distinct impression developer Thunderful Games had some fun ideas, implemented them and then stopped. This is a breath of fresh air compared with the dragged out experiences of so many other games. The game is fairly simple; it has elements of 3D platforming and adventure-style discovery. The plot, such that it is, is that your ship has crash landed on a planet and your search for resources leads you to the eponymous gunk. Your investigation of this gunk tells you more about the reason for it being there. You can’t really go the wrong way very much; it’s a fairly lin

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