When I had a Mega Drive at the ripe old age of 10 I played any one game to death. Altered Beast, whatever anyone overwhelmed by nostalgia tells you, is complete dross, but god did I play every ounce of the game. The ridiculous cost of games (around £40, way above the real-terms cost of games today) meant that any game you bought you would get every ounce of enjoyment out of. Price isn't the only factor; I didn't pay a penny for the Shareware episode of Crystal Caves and yet, again, I played every level endlessly.

Now, approaching forty, I don't have the time, but am lucky enough to have the disposable income. This means I have hundreds of games I've barely played, and sometimes feel bad about not having played the right game or that I don't know what to focus on next. Games are supposed to be fun, not a chore.

So I created this site. I'm not great at games, but I enjoy them, and I enjoy thinking about why I enjoyed them and what makes a good game. There are no hard rules as to what I'll review here, but ideally:

  • I already own the game
  • I made some decent progress with it
  • I thought there was something interesting about it (even if that something is a bad thing)
I like writing when I have a spare minute, so thought I'd make this that most outdated of formats, a blog. Enjoy, and drop me a line at @tompagenet with any thoughts.


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